I approach my art as both meditation and an offering of gratitude for life and appreciation for Nature’s beauty. I work in a variety of modalities and media to express my exploration of the liminal qualities of human experience. Different creative practices cross pollinate ideas much like nature evolving.

I use the alchemy of lost wax casting or encaustics to create work that expresses experiences from the wild. Dreamwork informs the work on a deeper level. My process begins with sketches or maquettes I create in remote wild places. Returning to the studio I begin the longer process of translating these impressions. Symbolic imagery is carved into interior and exterior surfaces of a wax form over an extended period of time. When translated into glass, a dynamic interplay of light and shadow is revealed between inner and outer carvings creating new interrelationships that illuminate and often transcend the individual symbolic functions.

I love to explore merging with nature through dance movement meditation practices and became certified to teach the 5Rhythms® practice in 2011. Dancing with the transient phenomena of light, reflection and shadow is a catalyst for shifting perceptions and creative inspiration. Inner and outer carvings in my glass sculptures reflect and refract a dance of light. Dream work uncovers deeper layers of experience brought into my work through form or image. I’ve kept an active dream journal for decades, tracking my journey of inner growth and transformation. Paintings emerge from these transformational dream spaces.

I live and have my studio practice on Orcas island by the edge of the sea. Besides creating art, my favorite pastime is to drift with the tide in small boats, hoping to be graced by visits from cetaceans and other wild creatures. My love of beach-combing brings me full circle into the love of all things oceanic. It is in these moments that I most often feel the deepest connection and knowing that I am Nature. With journal in hand or small carving, my creative ideas emerge while dwelling in these wild places. This is the alchemy of my creativity.


  • 2019 - The Illuminated Vessel - Journey Towards Individuation, Art and Psyche: Conference IV, Pacifica Graduate Institute, Santa Barbara, CA

    A talk summarizing two decades of my creative work developing vessel forms in glass alongside dancing/movement work; body as vessel, interwoven with dreamwork from a Jungian perspective.

Selected Art Exhibitions

  • 2019 - Art Over The Harbor, 2nd Annual Fine Art Show in Friday Harbor, WA

  • 2019 - Anniversary Exhibition, San Juan Islands Museum of Art, Friday Harbor, WA

  • 2018 - Nature and Psyche, two person exhibition, Orcas Center, Eastsound, WA

  • 2018 - Essence, Allen Family Focus Gallery, Anacortes, WA, Juror: Michael Monroe

  • 2018 - Cracking The Surface, Annual Juried Exhibition, San Juan Islands Museum of Art, Friday Harbor, WA

  • 2017 - Millefiori: Creativity Coming Together, Pilchuck Glass School Annual Juried Auction, Seattle, WA

  • 2017 - Dream Art, IASD Annual International Conference Juried Exhibition, Anaheim, CA

  • 2016 - Spirit Taking Form, Annual Juried Exhibition, San Juan Islands Museum of Art, Friday Harbor, WA

  • 2016 - Glow: Illuminate the Night, Pilchuck Glass School Annual Juried Auction, Seattle, WA

  • 2016 - Tuning in to the Frequency, IASD Annual Psiber Conference Juried Dream Art, Cyberspace

  • 2016 - Collective Visions Gallery 2016, Bremerton, WA, Juror: Leilani Lewis

  • 2015 - Tattered, Torn & Sepia, Annual Juried Exhibition, San Juan Islands Museum of Art, Friday Harbor, WA

  • 2013 - Great Sand Dunes National Park Visitors Center Gallery, Residency work, Mosca, CO

  • 2013 - Edge Arts Group Exhibition, Orcas Center, Orcas Island, WA

  • 2008-2013 - Primary focus on Embodied Arts Practice highlighted under 5Rhythms section (vs. showing)

  • 2008 - Ashes to Art, 4th International Exhibition - Scattered, Funeria Gallery, Graton, CA

  • 2006 - Ashes to Art, 3rd International Exhibition, Crane Arts, Philadelphia, PA

  • 2005 - La Petite XII, Alder Gallery, Coberg, OR

  • 2005 - Tacoma Glass Art Museum, Museum Gift Shop, Tacoma, WA

  • 2003-2004 - Second Nature - 3 Women from North America, Luniverre Gallery, Paris, France

  • 2003 - 33rd Glass Art Society Conference, Juried Exhibition - George Scott Studios, Seattle, WA

  • 2003 - Ashes to Art, 2nd International Exhibition, Fort Mason, San Francisco, CA

  • 2002 - Ashes to Art, Special Edition, Atelier One, Graton, CA

  • 2001 - Ashes to Art, 1st International Exhibition, Fort Mason, San Francisco, CA

  • 2000 - Art Detour, Open Studio Event and Casting Demonstration, Seattle, WA

  • 2000 - Annual Juried Glass Exhibition, Emerald City Fine Arts, Seattle, WA

Artist Residencies 

  • 2013 - Idaho Art Lab, Saint Anthony, ID - An exploration of dance and painting.

  • 2012 - Great Sand Dunes National Park Artist, Mosca, CO - An exploration of human belonging through dance and sculpture.

5Rhythms® Moving Meditation Dance & Dreamwork - Teaching & Practice

  • 2004-Present - Certified to teach the 5Rhythms® in 2011. Danced over 2000 hours in 5Rhythms® group embodiment practice through workshops, retreats, and ongoing groups. Created 5Rhythms® class series with the themes; Prayer Body, Moment by Moment, States of Being, & Night Waves into the Dreamtime.

  • Worked with dreams in 5Rhythms teaching, in facilitating a dream group and in creating art works. Completed dream yoga and dreamwork retreats and classes with Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche, Lama Surya Das, Michael Katz, Robert Moss, Christine Price and Machiel Klerk. Alchemy classes with jungian Robert Bosnak.

Art Awards 

  • 2003 - Association of Clay and Glass Artists of CA: "Excellence in Glass Award"

  • 2001 - Association of Clay and Glass Artists of CA: "Excellence in Glass Award"

  • 1998 - PONCHO & The Grady Foundation scholarship for Pilchuck Glass School


  • Artworks Gallery, Olga, WA

  • Funeria, Graton, CA

  • Luniverre Gallery, Paris, France


  • Luniverre Gallery, Paris France

  • Emerald City Fine Arts, Seattle, WA

  • Numerous private collections


  • I attended the University of Vermont from 1978-1981 as a Fine Arts Major with studies in painting, sculpture, and experimental film. I am primarily self taught in my glass work although I have studied at Pilchuck Glass School, Bullseye Glass Center, and Pratt Fine Arts Center, to enhance my learning. 

Information Technology

  • I earned a Certificate in Computer Programming in 1983 for practical purposes. From 1983-2005 I worked as an Enterprise Operating Systems Programmer progressing to Senior Consultant on IBM's Z/OS Enterprise systems (mainframes) working for large corporations primarily in finance, government and retail industries. I specialized in data visualization for performance and capacity analysis using MICS, long term planning for data management using DFSMS and the installation/customization of the Z/OS operating system. Along the way I kept making art although one could say that programming is also an art form which is most likely why I was good at it.


  • As a child I often dreamt of flying and fulfilled this dream by earning my pilot's license in 1991, subsequently flying a Piper Cherokee 235 for 24 years. I approach flying as a meditation. I also have extensive experience in captaining sail and power boats including 13 years aboard my Union 36’. I love navigation, charts and the art of adventure. These experiences also led me to explore aspects of ego structures involved in critical decision making and deepened my understanding of the psyche.


1959 - Born in Vermont, USA